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IDR can construct working prototypes directly from 3D CAD models. This can be achieved through a number of different processes all which offer different finish, functionality and material.


Stereolythography (SLA) - Solidifies liquid epoxy using lasers. Produces fine, accurate models with good surface finish

Selective Laser Sintering (SLS) - Sinters nylon powder together using lasers. Produces prototypes in nylon and glass filled nylon

CNC Machining - Very accurate and high in strength can be constructed from a variety of materials

Objet 3D Printing - Combines inkjet technology with photo polymers UV light solidifies the resin as it is printed. Produces high Quality well finished products with great detail can use a variety of different materials

Flexible Silicon Casting - Produces flexible silicon parts from alluminium tools

Short Run Tooling - Allows for short production runs of the final product. Good way for marketers to asses the final design Quantities up to 50 000 parts.