Graphic Design
Product Innovation
Mould Design

Design Process

Consultation and Planning - The client outlines his/her vision, while the designer draws up a proposal containing budget estimates and a design brief.

Product Definition and Research - Research is conducted analysing market size and trends, competitors products, technology and standards that may need to be adhered to.

Concept Ideation - The designer begins to draw up initial ideas.

Concept Generation and Development - Initial concepts are generated and developed.

Consultation and Concept Presentation - The designer presents the concepts to the client which they discuss in detail.

Evaluation and Elimination - The designer and client evaluate the different concepts and decide upon one to develop in greater detail.

Detail Design - All details are resolved and the design is finalised.

CAD Modeling and Prototyping - A 3D CAD model is generated for prototyping tooling and photo realistic renderings of the product.